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The AJ Aerial Photography and Mapping Services

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Behind the Success

We create overall airborne photography and feature from settled wing flying machine or helicopter.

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Aerial Photography UK

AJ are specialist aerial photographers based in South Wales. If you require aerial mast photography of any kind our team can meet your demands in capturing the best aerial pictures. Your aerial photographer will use the very latest digital equipment and can produce a DVD or CD of your images on the day. Our Geographical area covers the whole of South Wales, Bristol, M4 corridor, M5 from Birmingham to Exeter, Cardiff, Swansea etc. What ever your need are concerning aerial pictures please choose one of the above links for further details.

Printed Photographs

Your aerial photos taken on the day will be given to you on CD or DVD. Customers not wanting to have their aerial images supplied on disk can have them printed by our lab and framed by our in house framing department. The aerial photos supplied on disk will of very high resolution and can be printed to very large sizes. If you have a special requirement please contact us and we will be only too glad to help.

Online Ordering

All of your aerial images taken on the day will be available to view online on our website. If you require prints of your aerial photographs you can order them via the website and will be delivered to your door. Sizes range from a 6×4 print to the large 60×40 inch print. Canvas prints are available upto 60×40 and our in-house framing department who carry an extensive range of frames and mounts can frame prints.

Free Quotation

Whatever your high level photo requirements are we will be able to give you a quotation. Please send us an email stating where you are and what you require and we will either email you back or phone you with all the relevant information.


Art of Aerial Photography

city-11087_1280The artwork of photography has exploded considerably. From those old graphics and a few images were clouded from what the modern society has, which can be defined through detail and clarity, the art of photography has definitely endured great changes. Actually grand have the adjustments today been, folks have something. It’s worth understanding this individuals made use of aerial photography despite the fact that the whole technique is apparently unique for the present day society. The very first man to have shot pictures from peaks that are notable was balloonist Gaspard-Felix Tournachon. You then can look at among the classic postcards, since this is how this technique worked if you would like to get an idea of the way that aerial photos looked like back in the 1850s.

Of course things have changed considerably and photographs taken in this way videos. Much is invested in the creation of the technology that was appropriate as well as for great reason. It’s really astonishing to see all of the ways you can use airborne filming cinematography. Here are a couple of instances of realms, which may possess a continuous demand for all these techniques which will really convince you of the truth that investing cash in this direction is a strategy that is very money-making. Aerial photos are not irrelevant in the making of commercial, archeology, films and topographic maps in the promotion of specific place for touristic purposes. Considering the environmental concerns, which are growing in number, it’s not irrelevant to say that really airborne filming may be used in distinct investigation that is associated. Up to now, everyone can tell that such are expected, making potential for a number of jobs to be managed appropriately. Nonetheless, what might appear as a puzzle is the particular way these pictures are shot. Through an exceptionally equipped, professional camera, this can be done sometimes, managed by means of a specialist, situated in an airplane. There are a number of pictures that present places, which are not possible to enter by way of an airplane. This definitely results in the next question: how were these pictures really shot?

Well, only at that point, you must let your imagination since that is what scientists created the next procedure and did for a short second. They’ve been able to develop a lot of systems that could be employed to shoot photos that were astonishing. Some are restricted drones. All these are really little apparatus on which there is a picture or filming camera area, its mission being to enter a few of the most difficult to reach places and shoot pictures or make videos. Naturally from many photographs such a device can shoot, the photographer will begin editing the images, to give them the final result as well as a suitable professional look to function as one that is estimated. Because of technology, the world has changed in a number of areas for the better and significantly. When it comes filming and aerial photography, much could be said, but the point is that it may bring about dramatic results.

The Rise of Aerial Photography

cityscape-871743_1280 (1)Aerial photography has reached new heights during the past couple of years, bringing a bird’s-eye view to areas that are amazing to see and difficult to reach. The electronic airborne photographer is now the brand new craze in residential and commercial advertising endeavours.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing can describe the information on a tract of property the way a photograph can. Agents and real-estate developers can give an accurate perspective of property attributes using aerial cinematography to prospective customers. Every nook and cranny of the property is shown when done correctly. State of the art land development jobs now use atmosphere pictures instead of or in addition to property pictures to provide their investors an idea about what it seems like at each phase of improvement. These could be employed to procure added investors licenses and prospective residents.

Distant places which can be difficult to reach are occasionally the most beautiful sights to shoot. Land areas and undisturbed waterways could be photographed with digital cameras that show actual natural beauty in the air. For places and isles with limited road access, the fresh style in photography from choppers is an appropriate option. As an alternative to driving and beaches without roads or chartering a boat, this gives consumers and businesses an affordable option to find out their property.

Distant Cinematography
Of sending a camera man to get the best photo for a film or TV show, the times are through. Technology has really shot aerial cinematography with remote camera (RC) abilities to new degrees. As an alternative to fighting to get the right angle from limited landing places or endangering individuals, RC aerial photography is currently used. These RCs can fly through narrow places, like manmade or natural obstacles at low or high elevations run movie or to shoot photos. Up close shots will also be potential with RCs when chopper filming that is conventional could not be safe, for example close proximity to wires or buildings.

With respect to the aerial photography contractor, RCs may weigh about 10 pounds, which makes it possible to fly various camera versions. Using distant ability that is flying is more cheap than manned aircraft, which will be not impractical for generation firms with small budgets.

High Definition
Clarity is a must to any image that is airborne. When small access from a space through haze clouds a photo, the photographer may have to think about using pictures from a lower elevation having a lens that is better. For instance, instead of standing behind the blurry mist of a waterfall in a effort to capture the right view, aerial photography tend to be more powerful. The camera may be placed behind it, rather than over the cascading water. This removes blur and water spots. The camera can get and create video or an obvious image in photography.

Where to use Aerial Photography

eiffel-tower-951517_1280Aerial Photography is getting the capacity to make amazing affects in pictures in addition to becoming among the most famous types of photography now on account of the avant-garde abilities and cause for unexpected excitement. What most folks did not understand is that aerial photography has been around for quite some time. It began back in world war 2 where photographers would hitch a ride in a war planes, expecting to gain an enemy fighter training his guns in the camera, or that one amazing chance of a plane going down. It appears now that a lot has changed.

When done right, aerial photography will stay a type of photography that most people aspire to doing one day in their own careers as the pictures photographers have the ability to create could be spectacular. There’s an array of settings all around the globe that will look amazing from a lot of photographers and the atmosphere are starting to take advantage of the chances.

The truth is aerial photography is really a flow of landscape photography and you’ll be able to see why. In the atmosphere the most striking photographs are shot of deserts and mountains, possibly of vast landscapes. Among the most famous spots in the steep slopes of the Himalayas now in on earth for aerial photography. Parasailing has eventually become a popular avocation in this area of the planet and along with it folks are getting some stunning pictures of astonishing scene mainly of the Himalayan mountains that are tremendous in Tibet and Nepal.

Some Fields where Aerial Photography is Significant

Naturally aerial photography is not only a hobby for a lot of people and organizations. The military use aerial photography to get a motive that is much more significant. Many states use spy planes to shoot pictures of enemy units on the earth today. When the time has come to send troops in to conflict, it is a vital bit of the military as well as in several instances has meant the difference.

Aerial photography is used by television stations as a way of finding exactly what the current weather is like in a few places as well as to forecast exactly what the current weather will be like in several days.

To be able to shoot pictures in the atmosphere of specific developmental sites aerial photography can also be utilized by real estate development companies. That is crucial as it empowers them to map out as well as plan how they’re likely to grow in a particular place.

Exactly the same is true for construction firms who must be sure the place they have been building in of the right width and will be safe and diameters.

Airborne photographs are liked by the tourism sector as it may showcase its vast golf courses, resort shores, RV parks and campgrounds.

It can be used by city and state governments for development and preparation functions.

Trained environmentalists use aerial photography to examine land states and our Planet ‘s climate.

When they would like to reveal the magnificence of a completely new arena or exemplify the density of the crowds in the stands, Sports events can use using aerial photography.

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